Kenavet international is a fast-growing group which managed to focus on providing solutions to economically important respiratory and enteric diseases, our products and knowledge improve the health and welfare of animals Specializes in high quality medicines for the treatment of important diseases in the livestock sector.

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Business Sector

Kenavet International distribute the best products and also contact with the customers to make sure that they recieve the service that they need.


Distributing the best animal feed industry products into the egyption market through apply attention on quality and safety of our products.

customer focused service

Our focused team are passionate for delivering excellent service and support for our customers, as it is our promise for our customers that we will put them frist.

Technical support department

Nutritionist and microbiologists who are in charge with selection and recruiting products in the market, providing the training to the staff and solving customer problems.  


Our Agencies

Improving the egyption market our target so we do our best for dealing with the best international companies that have safe and high quality products.

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